Special Collections

Each season we commission a different designer to create a special collection. These are the firsts of many, check out how they each paint equality in their own ways. 


Lex Collection

Hi hi I’m Lex; a 22 year old grilled cheese enthusiast, trombone loving, freelance graphic designer. I graduated from High Point University in 2017 with a BA in Graphic Design and BA in Music Instrumental Studies (if that can justify any of the last sentence). Currently, I teach middle school art full-time while continuing to further my design career after the bell rings.

My concept behind this fall line was to paint human rights in a way they haven’t been portrayed before. The goal being to spark someone's interest on the street and maybe start a conversation. After all, starting the conversation is half the battle when trying to understand humans different than ourselves.


Maddie Collection 

Madeleine Romano, 23, graduated from High Point University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging and minors in Photography and Marketing. She was an active member of AIGA and had some of her photographs published by Getty Images. After several months studying at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, she discovered her passion for traveling and the influence it has on her designs.

She currently works in a fast-paced environment designing vehicle graphics for companies nationwide, employed by one of the leaders in the industry. In her free time, Madeleine enjoys traveling whenever she can. She also runs her own freelance design business, with particular interest in logo design. Since taking her first graphic design class in ninth grade, Madeleine knew this was the career path she wanted to take. Grateful for the incredible opportunities she has had thus far, Madeleine is determined to keep growing as a designer and using the influences from her travels abroad.